Yoda made me buy the Sony A6300…

Yoda made me buy the Sony A6300…

‘… still looking to the future, to the horizon. Never here! Now! What’s in front of your nose!’ Yoda


For a while, I have been considering a new camera. My Sony A7 served me extremely well but was wearing a bit thin. For the longest time, I held out hope that Nikon would release a Mirrorless F-mount but that never happened. I had hoped Sony would release a Sony A7III again that had not happened. The A7rIII was released but like it’s predecessor the A7rII before it was a bit much for my needs.

My primary want in a camera was good iso performance and a silent shutter. It took a little green wise Jedi master to realize, that what I needed had been out for a while now. The Sony A6300, on paper, fit my primary needs even though it only had a crop sensor. So I went to Mack Camera, bought it and I have been very satisfied with the camera. 

I really enjoy working with full frame camera sensors. I love the shallow depth of field they provide and the image quality. For the everyday work though, when I rarely go beyond f/4, a crop sensor is fine. I can do good work on those extremely long days my job sometimes subjects me to. I just need to carry lots of extra batteries.

At the end of the day, I just needed the right tool for the right job. With the A6300 I have it. If the Sony A7III comes out, I will consider it. I have started to get really comfortable working with Sony Cameras, for now though, I have what I need.

Will I review the camera?

One of my first images with the Sony A6300

No, there are enough proper reviews on the camera, I will give my thoughts on it though after I use it a for a while.

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