#WeeklyGrindThingie:  Working Towards the Quiet

#WeeklyGrindThingie: Working Towards the Quiet

The week was exploring the frontier was slightly short and sweet.


The weather as the week began was cold and crisp. Winter was coming. The temperatures were dropping. When I walked outside, and the air made its way to my lungs, I instantly woke up. The was a lot of work ahead of me. 


The week was going to be a busy one. There was an Election Day. Not a big one locally, but voting’s important some was there to do my part.


It was crunch time for a project I had been working on. It was once said, “You’ve read all the books, but when it comes to the crunch, where are you?” My team was in the thick of it. We Hosted an Innovation Challenge. We did our job, and everything went well. It was a good day, and the week ended for me.


It was time for a short vacation. I got to spend some time walking in a cold, quiet forest, with my camera in hand.


As much as I could, I found my way to coffee.


During the weekend there was a toy show. It was fun to be a dork and even pick up a toy or two.


And I found my way back to the forest for some more quiet.



These images, from my week of photography, describe to you and explain the light, places, textures, characters I’ve visually observed in my travels. If you can spare a little of your time and share in the wonders, I have seen.

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