#WeeklyGrindThingie: …with my camera, mostly, set to black and white.

#WeeklyGrindThingie: …with my camera, mostly, set to black and white.

It was a mostly monochrome week, exploring the frontier in New York and New Jersey.


It was one of those weeks that was just different. The weather, for this time of spring, was wet with the temperatures fluctuations all over the place. Work was mostly calm, and I only had to be there for two days, so the time flew by. Eventually, I found my way to the streets of the City.


I had a three-day video editing class in New York, and between the moments of learning, I got to photowander around midtown Manhattan with my camera set to black and white. It was a relaxing time which I will talk about more later.


I finally got to try new ramen from Ippudo, it was amazing. 


If it was not coffee, I would not have made it through this week. 


This week I also retired my old camera bag. I had been using my Thinktank photo Urban Disguise 60 v2 for about ten years. It is the bag that kept money in my pocket because no other kit could compare to it. My work life evolved though, and finally, I found a bag worthy enough of giving it a break.


While I searched everywhere for a new bag, I found myself purchasing another Thinktank bag, the Streetwalker Hard Drive.


And like that, the week was over. I had an introvert crash and was ready for the new week. 


I like to get lost as a photographer. However, I usually find myself in some part of my universe in New Jersey and New York. I’m trying to stay, sane, in this area, this crazy part of the United States. If you are reading this, take a look at the gallery below, share in the local wonders I have seen.

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