#WeeklyGrindThingie: The respite was welcome.

#WeeklyGrindThingie: The respite was welcome.

It was a yin of a week, exploring the frontier out here in New Jersey.



The weather was just right for the summer as I moved through the short week. July 4th, a holiday in the US, was Thursdays and it threw off the rhythm oh the whole week, which was nice. The previous week was aggressive. The respite was welcome. I did get to walk in New York quickly. The red filter was on my camera again to test a contrast theory. I got the images I needed as well as some exercise.




During my walk, I finally got to try out Variety coffee. I need to make a return visit.


Just like that, the week was over for a holiday.



The weekend felt like an eternity, and there were some “issues” however, I managed to relax eventually.




These images, from my week of photography, describe to you and explain visually the light, places, textures, characters I’ve observed in my travels. If you can spare a little of your time and share in the wonders, I have seen.

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