#WeeklyGrindThingie: Taking a break.

#WeeklyGrindThingie: Taking a break.

It was a different week exploring the frontier out here in New York and New Jersey. We were in mid autumn, the week before Halloween, my costume was off and it was the week of the PhotoPlus Expo. The weather was mild and I had most of the week off to lose myself in the photography world and take a break.

WeeklyGrindThingie   -20181023- 1632-2026

After two days of work, I began my break at the Sony BeAlpha even. I was invited by my friend Jason to have some pre Photo Plus fun.

WeeklyGrindThingie   -20181023- 1650-2040

I used the opportunity to test out a camera and lens combo people keep asking me about. I had some interesting times with the Sony A6300 and the Tamron 28-75 f2.8. I’ll write more about that later.

WeeklyGrindThingie   -20181023- 1658-2056

In between everything I found myself walking in the city. Wandering around with my camera is always relaxing.

WeeklyGrindThingie   -20181023- 1642-2037

I also took a moment, during my time off to enjoy some food and take a new lens out for some food photography. It was a truly successful meal.

WeeklyGrindThingie   -20181024- 1358-2120

During the week, because I vacation wrong, I worked a gig. I and my partner Daryl did some event photography for the Vision Loss Alliance. It was not a high paying job but it was fulfilling.

WeeklyGrindThingie   -20181025- 1953-2475

Photo Plus Expo, this year, was a different experience. I will share thoughts on this in the near future.

WeeklyGrindThingie   -20181025- 0957-2138

Once all the activity was done so was I. I always need a break after being in crowds and over the weekend I went for walks and enjoyed quiet cups of coffee.

WeeklyGrindThingie   -20181028- 1443-2802


As I make my way through the week, I always have my camera in hand sharing the wonders I see. Here is a bit of camera work from the week.

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