#WeeklyGrindThingie: Still Sauntering Through the Autumn

#WeeklyGrindThingie: Still Sauntering Through the Autumn

It was a quiet week, exploring the frontier out here in New Jersey. It was a moment where all the wrong questions were answered for the right reasons and all I could do was saunter through the mess that was irresponsibly created by others, drink coffee, keep calm and carry one.

WeeklyGrindThingie-20181106- 0657-3129

I had a very specific task that needed a specialized tool. The quest for said tool brought me to New York at the beginning of the week. It was a cloudy day and all I could do was gaze at the continuing construction in the area. For a second there I wanted to just walk, but I had to be a responsible adult and return to work.

WeeklyGrindThingie-20181106- 0750-3131

The week was a short one for me and I ended up at an outdoor experiment. Maplewood created and popup outdoor plaza. It was highly unusual yet entertaining. There was conversation and music and calm.

WeeklyGrindThingie-20181108- 1833-3136

The autumn continued in the background. The leaves continued to fall and it was enjoyable to bask in the quiet mornings before the weather turned too cold.

WeeklyGrindThingie-20181110- 0802-3154

As I make my way through the week, I always have my camera in hand sharing the wonders I see. Here is a bit of camera work from the week.

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