#WeeklyGrindThingie: Reevaluating expectations

#WeeklyGrindThingie: Reevaluating expectations

Well, it has not been quiet weeks out here, exploring the frontier, here in New York and New Jersey.


Februarys weather, so far, has been unusual. We really have not had a winter, and most people around me keep expecting a blizzard to bury everything.  Years past, we would have had a few storms by now. Instead, this winter, there have been just a few cold mornings.


Work has been keeping me busy. There has been no work-life balance. Things happened that caused late nights, long calls and an erratic schedule. I had to reevaluate my expectations to get most of my work done. There was  success, and things are starting to settle into it’s new normal.


In between all the work, Valentine’s day happened. A day not for me. It fell on a day where I had a moment for a walk, and there were signs of it everywhere. It was a way for businesses to prey on people’s fake emotions by taking their money.


I have found a few quiet moments to do nothing. Usually early, on a Sunday morning when there are few people around. It made the past few weeks bearable.


Gear used this week


  • Sony A7
  • Sony A7III
  • Sony A6400


  • Tamron 17-28 f2.8
  • Tamron 28-75 f2.8 ,
  • Sony 85mm FE f1.8
  • Sony 20mm E 2.8
  • Sony 24-240


Bag Carried

  • Wandrd Prvk 31



These images, from my week of photography, describe to you and explain the light, places, textures, characters I’ve visually observed in my travels. If you can spare a little of your time and share in the wonders, I have seen.

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