#WeeklyGrindThingie: Overall it was a calm week,

#WeeklyGrindThingie: Overall it was a calm week,

It was a laid back week exploring the frontier here in New Jersey.


It had been around 18 months since I had a proper break. I spent too much time on various concerns and found myself spent. Work was relentless at times. However, I was serene in the assurance that I was getting things done. At the end of every day, though I was exhausted and losing all faith in the logical, I was tired.


A week off, doing nothing was needed. That is precisely what I did. I even put down my work cameras. I picked up my old Sony a7 Mk1 and a 50 mm lens and that what I mostly had in my hands during the week.


They only time I used a different lens was for a quick air show in Hoboken, NJ. The British Royal Air Force “Red Arrows” teamed with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy’s Blue Angels before their New York Air Show at Stewart International Airport. I pulled out my Sony 24-240 for that.


Overall it was a calm week, I got the break I needed.



These images, from my week of photography, describe to you and explain the light, places, textures, characters I’ve visually observed in my travels. If you can spare a little of your time and share in the wonders, I have seen.

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