#WeeklyGrindThingie: …moments seemingly passing into…

#WeeklyGrindThingie: …moments seemingly passing into…

It’s was a weird, three day, week, exploring the frontiers, out here in New Jersey, on the edge of New York. The weather was cold, just cold. There was no new snowfall this week. It’s seemed to relax people a bit, however, this being the area that it is, it was not without incident.

WeeklyGrindThingie -20180202-0543

Gear used

This week I mostly worked with my Sony a6300. I started with my 55-210, then I used a 35mm 1.7 cc tv lens for a bit. I am still in the experimental stage with the a6300 trying different lenses out to see what I like the most. It’s a lovely time, learning something new and exploring different ways to create a frame.

WeeklyGrindThingie -20180131-0540

A quick, busy week

Monday was another event. A person was announced in a new position. News agencies came to report on the current event and I was there in my usual role, making sure the logistics were properly handled and taking photos. It was a slight challenge but my team made it through.

WeeklyGrindThingie -20180130-0318

This short work week was filled with moments seemingly passing into hours. Between changes at work and other random camera work, things kept me busy. When the work week ended, certain events held my attention and actually forced me to put the camera down for a short time. It was worth it.

After finishing some very specific task, I took a break, had a meal and thought about the future. So many things to do.

WeeklyGrindThingie -20180202-0556

When the weekend arrived, I was exhausted with one more thing to do. A charity photoshoot. When that was over, my mind was fried and I realized I needed to take a breather for a day.

WeeklyGrindThingie -20180203-0564



As I make my way through the week, I always have my camera in hand. Here is a bit of camera work from the week.

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