#WeeklyGrindThingie : Keeping Calm, Carrying on

#WeeklyGrindThingie : Keeping Calm, Carrying on

It was a strange week in a state that knows how to.drive a person slightly insane. It’s was early January and the weather was a tad bit drunk. We went from frozen snow on the ground to light jackets back to winds so cold you could not feel your nose.


Gear used this week

This was the first week I used the Sony A6300 exclusively. It is a good camera, everything I expected it to be, and a little more. There will be more written on it in the future. My camera work was mostly local this week. There were no trip to NYC. 


It was a week also filled with political drama and stress. There were few camera work opportunities at work. The only thing a person could do was to keep calm, take photos and carry on. This week also saw my first prints, up for sale, in an actual coffee shop.


For a few year now I’ve been frequenting Bean Vault Coffee in Hoboken. I would tag than in my photos.when I took a picture there. Eventually, they began following me on Instagram. One day the owner offered me a spot on the wall and I have finally got the images up there. Stop by, have a coffee, check out my work.


Interesting Links




As I make my way through the week, I always have my camera in hand. Here is a bit of camera work from the week.

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