#WeeklyGrindThingie: It was kind of nice.

#WeeklyGrindThingie: It was kind of nice.

It was a quieter week, exploring the frontier, out here in the Tri-State Area.


The weekly grind was filled with consistent good spring weather and not much to complain about. It was nice to walk around without coats  or light jackets and visit a coffee shop or two. Photography wise the week was also slower. Camera work was less in demand which allowed me to catch up one some writing.


For the first time in a while, I wrote a review. I sat down one day and just put my thoughts on one paper. I have been working with a gorgeous piece of engineering, the Fotodiox FUSION Smart AF Adapter Mark II, and I figured I share my experience. It’s something I used to do often. I think I will write more about my camera gear experiences, a bit more now. Its all in good fun.


It was not the best week, but it was not stressful. It ended early. On May 4th the force was with me and I geeked with a mental health day. During the weekend, minus one obligation, I just wandered around with my camera. It was kind of nice.


As I make my way through the week, I always have my camera in hand. Here is a bit of camera work from the week.

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