#WeeklyGrindThingie: different textures, scenes, and characters

#WeeklyGrindThingie: different textures, scenes, and characters

It was a week, that required no imagination, exploring the frontier here in New Jersey.


Visually there were a variety of things that appeared before me. The weather was cool and crisp, and autumn was in full swing. Leaves were changing colors, and at night, slight hints of winter were in the air.


The world, before me, was filled with different textures, scenes, and characters. It was almost hard to think about the variety of forms and shapes I encountered.


The first thing of note was a new lens. By some weird happenstance in the universe, I ended up with e Sony 85mm 1.8 FE lens for my Alpha Sony Alpha Camera. It had been a lens I had been dreaming about owning, and like an explosion, it came into existence. I got to play with things a little differently.


I also started using the Tamron 17-28 Fe Lens in my actual camera work. This lens, equation wise, is ideal for my current slate of projects.


One of these projects involved working side by side with a drone operator in some uncanny locations. I think getting a drone license is in my future.


With all the crazy work for the week done, I got to do something fantastic. I spent Friday at ‘The New York Coffee Festival.’ It was a week-long vacation wrapped up one day. Just what I needed.


When the weekend arrived, me still in a caffeinated euphoria, a walk was needed. I took the Sony 85 mm out to explore and hopefully not run into any real weeping angels. (It’s a Doctor Who thing)


Suddenly ART!


My bride heard about and exhibition. Kara Walker & Jason Moran debuted Katastwof Karavan, a steam-powered calliope housed in a parade wagon. The show was at the beginning of the Highline outside the Whitney Museum.


The visit to the museum gave me an opportunity for a evening walk on New York Highline . Something I have not done in a long time.


With a little more coffee on a calm Sunday, I found a bit of calm…


.. and a Monarch Butterly.



These images, from my week of photography, describe to you and explain the light, places, textures, characters I’ve visually observed in my travels. If you can spare a little of your time and share in the wonders, I have seen.

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