#WEEKLYGRINDTHINGIE: All over the shop

#WEEKLYGRINDTHINGIE: All over the shop

It was an interesting week, exploring the frontiers out here on the east coast of the states. The weather was more fitting for April. I think we had our first full week without snow. It’s was almost glorious. This week saw me all over the shop.


The week began with the a6300 and the usual lenses. By the end of the week through my Sony A7 saw its way back into my bag. I missed that camera. Honestly, though, even it is a crop sensor, the a6300 is a better camera for work.

Taken with the A7 and a Nikkor 100mm F2.5 adapted with e metabones lens

This week also saw the Fotodiox Fusion two added to my kit. It will pit through its paces soon. Next week should be interesting.

Don’t Ask about the Gaffers

The day actually had me in New York for some camera work. The trip over all was not that interesting but I made the best of the location. 


Having a few more days of warmish weather led to more cherry blossoms. As is my calling I found myself getting a few frames with my newly returned camera. I finally got to test the 50mm Fe 1.8 on a full frame camera. It was nice.


In my hometown, a new restaurant opened with Good Coffee. Most coffee in the area is an utter mess. It’s nice to be able to walk, locally,  and get a good cup.



Some things I read between capturing frames


As I make my way through the week, I always have my camera in hand. Here is a bit of camera work from the week.

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