#We35shenanigans Week 48

#We35shenanigans Week 48

It was a quiet week, exploring the frontier, out here in New Jersey. It was the post-Thanksgiving week and people were already preparing for Christmas. With so much vitriol in the news, heroes falling, it seemed people just wanted to do something that made them happy.


It’s been chilly out there, slowing things down a bit. Work began preparing for winter which caused a few interruptions in my routine. We are basically waiting for the snow to fall. I eventually found my stride through the week and I got some photo wandering. It was a great success. I enjoyed some time in Hoboken on Friday and found some interesting frames over the weekend. It could have been worse.


I found something new, this week as well, The Strang Exchange. It was Weird NJ’s and The Aquarian Pop Up Flea Market held The Wellmont in Montclair. It was basically my type of counterculture. The Strange Exchange was a new experience that put a smile on my face and made this time of the year, more tolerable.


Its an interesting life, and there are days I am happy I can still find something new. However, I am already tired of Christmas music. I am glad I have earphones, happiness lies in small things.



As part of this year’s we35 project #exploringthefrontier we decided to hashtag our non-research as #We35shenanigans. I have been posting the images on my Instagram account. Here are some edited for my entertainment.

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.
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