#We35shenanigans Week 47

#We35shenanigans Week 47

It was a chilly week out here exploring the frontier, in New Jersey. It was a good time for hot coffee and Hot chocolate. Thanksgiving, a day where many of us sit down, with family and friends, and have an Autumn feast was upon us. It’s become a societal norm that I don’t really participate in.



The best thing about not fitting in, with my family especially, is the free time I get. As everyone was prepping for their meals, I just drifted along. I worked on projects, got some things done.


As people enjoyed their Thanksgiving traditions I was enjoying my immediate family. We Traveled to our favorite spots, enjoying the fact that there were fewer people around. It was easier to get a table at a restaurant and just eventually sit at home, watch some TV read comics and enjoy a few relaxing days off and be thankful things are calm. 



As part of this year’s we35 project #exploringthefrontier we decided to hashtag our non-research as #We35shenanigans. I have been posting the images on my Instagram account. Here are some edited for my entertainment.

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