#We35shenanigans week 45

#We35shenanigans week 45

It was a fascinating week, exploring the frontier, here in The New York metropolitan area. We were experience peak autumn. The air finally chilled down to the point where we needed jackets every day. It was a good time to capture frames and explore this month’s We35 Project. The challenge was to break away from your comfort zone and work with a lens you don’t normally work with.

we35shenanigans -20171105-02628

I chose to get weird and Frankenstein my Sony A7 with 2 adapters and a Zenza Bronica 80mm f2.8.

Working with this set up was pretty interesting. I originally started with a Bronica 50mm 3.5 the 80mm seemed more fun. I shoot with a lot of manual lenses, so that was fine. The interesting thing was, I had no clue what actual focal length I was using. I’m sure it was not 80mm though.

we35shenanigans -20171105-02600

The only thing I worried about was the frame though. Surprisingly the lens was not that heavy. There were times my brain was screaming for a wider lens, but I kept calm and carried on. Overall it was a good experience

we35shenanigans -20171109-02656


As part of this year’s we35 project #exploringthefrontier we decided to hashtag our non-research as #We35shenanigans. I have been posting the images on my Instagram account. Here are some edited for my entertainment.

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