#We35shenanigans Week 41

#We35shenanigans Week 41

It was an interesting week, exploring the frontier, here in New Jersey. The weather was mostly good and there was camera work to do. Autumn was finally in the air. Temperatures were starting to get cooler, mornings darker. I actually had to wear a jacket and wear proper shoes.

we35shenanigans -20171012-02017

My work life, spent prepping for an event and observing  work being done at one of my local train stations. During these moments I used my work camera. In-between those times I pulled out my Sony A7, which is easier to just carry around. When the event finally happened I actually had my A7 out before the actual camera work began. I really have to think which system I want to use more.

we35shenanigans -20171013-02031

With the event ending well, the only thin left was the weekend. I really wanted a walk in the woods. Over the years I have learned to enjoy the change in season. The autumn leaves are interesting as their season ends and they fall to the ground. As I walked, the morning was foggy and the air, moist. It was relaxing.

we35shenanigans -20171015-02061


As part of this year’s we35 project #exploringthefrontier we decided to hashtag our non-research as #We35shenanigans. I have been posting the images on my Instagram account. Here are some edited for my entertainment.

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