#we35 : Nikkor 35mm f2d & Nom Nom Nom

Choosing the correct tool for a job or project is important. For the we35 research project I have chosen the Nikon 35mm f2d. Cheaply bought on eBay , a small size and easy to keep with me at all time this lens was just right. While not considered the best 35mm by many , with newer versions available by Nikon and Sigma , it is the best for me. To give it a thorough first test I took it out to lunch , a nice controlled environment and I was hungry.


I had a great idea of how the Nikkor 35mm f2 d would work. I also own the Nikon 24mm 2.8d. These are simple elegant lenses. They take a little thought and finesse like a cooking a good meal, similar to the one I was having at Ani Ramen in Montclair New Jersey.


The great thing about a 35mm lens is that it’s just enough focal length to work almost anywhere. Sometimes a 50 is not wide enough and a 24 is too wide. At a table in a restaurant you can easily fill your frame while not having to get up and get a frame or cropping the image later.


A decent 35mm will let you focus close enough to get decent detail on small items. With the Nikkor 35mm f2d the aperture is just right to get a decent amout of light on the sensor while maintaining a decent depth of field. Just because you have a lens that opens up to f1.4 does not mean you should use it.

Just like good food ,choosing the right lens is all about finding balance. Too much or too little of one ingredient can throw things off. I need a long afternoon in the woods or in the city with this lens but I know I made a good choice. It will serve me well.

Be well , take good photos,keep in touch.


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