#we35  May Expedition The Totem The Portrait and The Moment.

#we35 May Expedition The Totem The Portrait and The Moment.

I wish I could claim May was a calm relaxing month filled with flowers after April showers. No… No it was not. I blinked and it was over. I did a lot in May and one of my focuses was this months we35 expedition. In  this expedition, we were exploring the idea of storytelling and reportage photography, sharing a local event in just three images. The research team was supposed to get three images . We needed a totem ,an image to mark the significance of the event. A portrait was needed to help us make a personal connection with the even. In the end we needed the moment to show the spirit of the event.


In the beginning of the month, before I knew what the expedition was, there was a street festival a few towns over. I basically filled all the requirements with out even knowing , but it sort of felt like cheating.

That moment where you think something was slipped into your iced coffee #we35 #darkroomapp

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Pigs flew #darkroomapp #we35 #exploringthefrontier #Photocrati

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Location  I actually looked for another festival and sure enough one came up towards the end of the month, I tripped over. It was in Memorial Park in Maplewood about a 10 minute drive from my house.


Observations it’s the process editing ones self that made this expedition imaging. It’s easy to go out take pictures at an event and show some of the images. There is so much information get this way, but not all of its is useful. The choice of images comes down to your awareness of the surroundings. Living with just a 35mm lens at your side you look at capturing events much differently. It’s much harder to be stealthy for certain images.

Findings -With the 35mm limit you have to immerse yourself into an event, interact with things and people, through this intimacy you have a better understanding of the event. You hear and see what’s important. The limits of this expedition reinforced that it’s not the amount of images you take at an event, it is the story you get out of the images. Some people can tell a story with a small amount of images , it’s a worth while skill to have as a photographer.

We35 May-20150525-0730

The totem of the event was the rubber duckies floating down the river. It was a duck race!

We35 May-20150525-0726

The portrait was of the kids , the event was for them in essence. They were all out having a good time.

We35 May-20150525-0721

The moment was all the families enjoying the sunshine , few worries , watching the kids enjoy the day.

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