#we35: Lenses are like Donuts

As I begin this journey, with the band of photographers in ThePhotoFronteirs 35mm research project ,something has been on my mind. It is which 35mn lens not to use. Lenses are like donuts. They vary in quality, shape and size and I have three to choose from.

#WE35 – WE35 is a global collaboration between research scientists around the world. To join the team and learn more about he project Click Here

Today I chose to work with the lens that would most likely not make the cut. The Vivatar 35mm f/1.4. which has a major flaw that eliminates it. It’s too damn big.


In the description of this research project the camera used as an example was a Fuji x100s which has a 35mm lens. It’s a small nimble camera and the Vivitar, on my D750 or my Sony A7 was far from small. My other 35mm lenses are a Nikkor 35mm pc f2.8 & a Nikkor 35mm 2.8 D fit the bill better. This has nothing to do with the image quality though, just ergonomics

The Vivitar 35mm is like a decent donut,which helps to create decent images but is just too big. It’s great to experience with restraint. On photo walks it is big and obvious and draws attention. A research project like this actually demands a bit more of a subtle touch.


No lens is built to be absolutely perfect. They all serve different purposes no matter the focal length. Seeing the world through only one focal length is a challenge and should not be a chore when there more convenient options. Today working with the Vivitar 35mm in the crappy weather it’s fate was cemented. It is being put away for good. The Nikkor 35mm 2.8d will be used the most in this project.


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  1. Can’t wait to taste those donuts.

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