#We35 #FieldReport The Photo-Wandering Was not Televised

#We35 #FieldReport The Photo-Wandering Was not Televised

The ground beneath my feet camera in my hand , alone In my world. This is basically my natural state out side of being a domesticated geek (husband and a father type thingie). Over the course of a few days I found myself with moments where I could just pull out my camera and take a mental health break. I was either a long way from home, in a forest in the morning, performing a mission of mercy, or taking a moment commuting between task. Sometimes these are my only moments for photography.

Drifting Along-20150606-9268


Location Around New Jersey and New York

Drifting Along-20150609-0913

Observations taking a break and doing relaxing camera work is always nice. These are moments when I can capture some fascinating images.  It’s does not take much effort, I just have my eyes open and my mind in the moment . No matter where you are , and image is there and if you think too much you will miss it.

Drifting Along-20150609-0916

Findings Having a simple camera and 35 mm lens combo continues to make a world of difference from my old way doing things. The simplicity of the kit always wins out. It’s easy to carry a camera with just a 35mm lens and I am alway ready for the next image. I can’t get every image I want, but I can get artistic  and create an image that I can enjoy.

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