#we35 #FieldReport Sakura 2015

#we35 #FieldReport Sakura 2015

The spring of 2015 sauntered in to existence in the slowest way possible. This caused a delay in one of my favorite moment, Sakura or cherry blossom season. The delay made things challenging and messed up sharing the moment with my friends, but I managed to get a little time in this year. Ever since I began my time as a photographer I always made time to capture this season. Cherry Blossom season is an excellent indication of spring and new life. This year I wanted to make my cherry blossom photography a we35 expedition. I find Sakura a difficult subject because it’s easy to create the same type of image each year. Living things are always changing, as is my photography.
Sakura-20150416-7296.jpgLocation Various places in NJ.

Instruments Sony A7 35 mm f/2.8 Fe & a Nitz Strap, Nikon D750, Nikkor  35 mm f/2d and a close up filter, and 35-70 f2.8d (this lens has a macro setting at 35 mm.)

Observations Working with Sakura at 35 mm was an interesting experience. There was no way of knowing how this was going to work. I was used to using a variety of lenses, macro and Telephoto, to do my Cherry blossom work. The trees are big but the Sakura small,  leaving a lot to capture in many ways. With the 35 mm I had to think more , but I figured things out and created images I was satisfied with. I wish I had more time with the season , but this gives me something to revisit in a years time.

Findings To work with just a 35 mm lens,mot capture the season with one focal length was very limiting and challenging. In the light and the wind it was hard to get up close without a close up filter. Composition was a bit challenging at first. I am more comfortable having flexibility with cherry blossoms as a subject. I figured it out and was able to express the season through my images . It was not my best work though, much like this season. It was a bit awkward however it worked out in the end.

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