#We35 FieldReport: After 18k+ Steps into #TheCrunch

Today’s was technically the first day of the Papal Visit which I have been referring to as “TheCrunch.” It was an oddly nice day. The weather was fantastic and there were less of the faithful out than I thought, but they were there. I’ve was given photojournalist type duties and while I brought a few different lenses, I only used a 35mm. It fit the situation.
Location I was mostly in Midtown Manhattan , New York City today, making a few stops in Hoboken,New Jersey and Seacacus, New Jersey. The city was calmer than expected. The Pope Arrived in the New York around 5pm est and his itinerary had him a good distance away. Only a few folks I saw were obviously here for the popes visit.  


There was a football game today as well with people leaving New York for the Stadium in NJ

Instruments Today I used a Nikon D750 with a 35mm f/2 D I used this camera mainly because the battery life. I had my Sony A7 along as backup but I never used it. If I were using the A7 I would of had at least 2 battery changes today.
Observations The 35mm was an ideal lens for today because I had to be close to my subject, because I could not use their images without model releases. I had to speak with people. Most people rejected me wanting payment. As long as I took pics that did not show faces though I was ok. I also had to take city scape shots and some shots in or around the mass transit stations. The 35mm allowed me to achieve all my goals efficiently .


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