Using a D90 to Think about the A7c

Using a D90 to Think about the A7c

2020 has not been a great year. However, there have been some things to warm my geeky heart, like new cameras. I have been considering Sony’s A7c (A7c). Due to the pandemic, I lost a lot of my freelance work. I had to take more time to consider it because I could not throw my money at it. To help me see if the A7c is worth my time, due to its slight limitations compared to the Sony A7iii, I made a weird decision, I decided to use one of my oldest cameras in a bit of Autumn Photomeditiation, using my Nikon D90 (D90) with a 135mm f2D. I want to make a comparison between old tech and new.


The past Vs. the future
The D90 was the first camera of my current photography career. Compared to the mirrorless camera I use today, it is a big step back, but a good camera. Compare to the A7c, the D90 was a relic, but I could still do decent work with it. The D90 took a while to get used to again. It was limited. I remember when that camera was the most comfortable thing ever.


Working with the D90 confirmed my thoughts about this new camera. The A7c is worth it. I did a lot more with less in the past. The A7c is almost everything I want in a full-frame camera. All I have to do is keep calm and carry on till I can afford it.


PhotoMeditation, a time to quietly go clear my head with my camera. 

It’s nice to relax, be creative, when possible.

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