Unicorn Hunting on a Black and Foggy Friday

Because I did not partake in turkey and did not go shopping with the sheeple I was able to take advantage of a  black tryptophan-induced foggy morning before I had  coffee.  As I get older the idea of Black Friday becomes more idiotic. There are fortunately other options on days like this.



It was quite and chilly and as I looked out my window I saw a fog. Being Black Friday I knew few people would be out shopping or home being annoyed by family.


Me I saw the sexy fog and knew I had to grab my camera and get out into it. Fog is a fleeting subject so I had to get out to as many places as I could. It’s like natural bokeh and you don’t have to use a shallow depth of field to achieve.


The fog was dramatic in places, so thick people disappeared into it. You could feel it envelop you as you walked through it. I’m not sure if I found a unicorn, but I think I got close.


Just getting out, before my family woke up, to enjoy this temporary moment and have a cup of coffee was a fantastic. A wonderful photography moment, better than anything else I could think of that morning.





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