Trying to stay creative when I can barely feel my nose #we35

In New Jersey , my home state, the winter is going long. The result is a dulling of creativity. Sub zero temps , lots of not and ice that does not melt has been challenging . So my we35 expedition  over the past few days is to just try and stay creative.


 Instruments  Sony A7 35mm f2.8 Nitz Strap

Location NJ

Observations Icyweather sucks . When the world starts to basically look the same all the time photography can get challenging. You really have to push your eye. It’s cold and you want a zoom lens but you have to walk to you subjects. You have to look for subjects. With ice and snow in the way for extended periods of time , you have to just try to capture the world as is, there are subjects out there.


Findings A small camera with a 35mm lens is good for the hard creative times. When I’m thinking less about the gear it’s easier to find the unique frames of my world.  While creative work in the winter is challenging it is not impossible.



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