Thinking Through my Shutter, My Frontier 2015

Thinking Through my Shutter, My Frontier 2015

2014 was a crucible for me, a trial that left me a bit scared. 2015 was the year after the crucible filled with healing and change, thanks to some good friends, my bride, and photography.


It was the first full year on my new job out here in the armpit of America, filled with crazy events like blizzards in the beginning of the year, the pope coming to town and another death in the family. It was just one thing after another, but it was not as heavy as the year before so I was able to deal with it easily. Through all of it, I found a happy place with my photography.


I was part of the we35 project, I was venturing out on my photo wanderings in the summer, drinking coffee, enjoying the sunshine. I was basically doing my photography for me, enjoying my free moments as I had them. The changes in my life had put a positive spin on things and I would damn anyone who tried to harsh my mellow.


I took a lot of images through all this, and I shared seven of my favorites here for you. There are tons more I really enjoyed creating, but these, I remember taking them, the smell in the air,etc etc. I look back at them and smile. I was in the pursuit of magic, I think I found a little, and maybe a unicorn or two.

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