#Thingday: the TARDIS

#Thingday: the TARDIS

For a photographer, or any other type of creative, a moment is reached when creativity fails, nothing inspires, the muse is lost. To combat photogblock. I chose to keep one thing with me , a week , just to see what frames I could make with it. This weeks thing is the The TARDIS

tardis-20161114-9420…is bigger on the inside…

The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), is Doctor Who’s police box. He uses it to travel through time and space. A TARDIS usually travels by dematerialising in one spot, traversing the time vortex, and then rematerialising at its destination. SO for me with my camera I just had it traveling picturing it in alien worlds.

It was my little bit of fun for the week.



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