The Weekly Coffeealude 7:Cashew stained espresso


I am still experimenting with homemade cashew milk. This time I wanted a Caffè macchiato. It is a coffee drink, made out of espresso, usually with a small amount of milk. ‘Macchiato’ simply means ‘marked’ or ‘stained’.  It was not the best macchiato I have ever had.  Cashew milk taste better  in a latte. Cashew milk froths similar  regular milk and holds up well, however I cant seem to do latte art with it.  I used Sumatra Manhelding, an earthy and tasty coffee from JoesFamouseCoffee. It has caramel hints when made as an espresso and fits well in drinks like this.

Overall it made for a nice peaceful moment as  tried to relax on Sunday morning.


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  1. G- That’s a great shot of a shot.

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