The #we35 Groot Accord part 2 -Seemingly Never Ending winter 

The snow ice is starting to make things a little crazy. We expected a little better weather by now , but alas the snow has remained. So February’s Groot Accord barely made it.   This is the second of a series of Groot Toy photography surveys at 35 mm between Chris Nitz and myself for the We35 research project. While we are not suffering like Boston . We do want some melting action. Winters been a rough season, and does not seem to want to end. Groot in the snow , alone seemed fitting , none of the other trees are wake yet.


Location –
South Mountain Reservation

Instruments Sony A7 + 35mm Fe x UltraPod II /Nitz Strap


Findings In the ice , Snow and Smegging cold, having a simple mirrorless camera with a 35mm lens was ideal. Walking with the gear was as I said many times before , easy. The interesting part was maneuvering in the snow to get my image. With my Nitz Strap I was able to let the camera hang from my wrist as I set things up.  Framing images at 35mm is becoming quicker as well. I can see thing faster. To really understand lens you have to use it often in as many different situations as possible.

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