The Good, The Bad , The Transit

Well now that I will be a customer at my own job, I will be starting a new initiative. The Good The Bad Transit on tumblr. Basically on this blog I will be logging my commute on #NJTransit , good or bad, with pictures  ( ^_^)

As a non union employee, I will be taking a pay cut to get to work, as of January 1 2013. This means, if I am not at work, and have not punched in, I am not a GeekOnDuty.  I do not have to be helpful. If things go wrong with company equipment, so be it.  I am in Photographer mode and again a paying customer.

When there are long lines for the ticketing machines, I can take my monthly pass and walk upstairs to the train platform . I do not have to help people who basically hate me because they had a bad commute, the day before, and see me as the perfect person to vent to. As a NJ Transit employee this happened from time to time.

NJ Transit is still recovering from Super Storm Sandy . Things are not as they should be, still. Trains, now running are insanely crowded at times. They will get better as the days pass by.

As more stations come back on line, like Hoboken, things seem that much more easier to deal with.

Peoples lives seem to be getting aligned with the new normal, when it comes to the morning commute.

For the most part most commuters have done well with keeping calm an carrying on. I will try to do the same as a commuter. I will not purposely bash NJ Transit. I will show what I seen and experienced on  The Good The Bad Transit .

When I got home this evening, happy with the days photography, thinking how I was going to handle these images. It dawned on me that I have a new sort of freedom. I don’t have to worry about being the eyes and ears for the company. What I see , will be used for me and refining my photography.

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