Testing my Nikkor 200mm F 4 AI


There are certain things I have become fascinated with in photography  , one of them is old Nikkor prime lenses. I started focusing manually , more and more after reviewing the Rokinon 35 1.4 . It was a lens that could only focus manually, like many old lenses. This opened a new world for me. A more affordable one.  200mm is a focal length I always wanted to play with. Now I own one, buying it used off of ebay.


I chose cherry blossoms as my first subject. I figured it would make a nice challenge.


For me, this lens was an excellent choice.  I am going to have a lot of fun with it.
Sakura 200mm test  by gevon  servo  (gservo)) on 500px.com
Sakura 200mm test by gevon servo

SO I will take this lens out, and see what i can do with it. There will be no review.

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