Saturday Morning geeking & espresso

Saturday Morning geeking & espresso  by gevon  servo  (gservo) on
Saturday Morning geeking & espresso by gevon servo

I am doing some writing, drinking some (roasted by my own hand) Indian Mysore espresso. I had to take a picture of the moment. One of the things am writing, for The PhoBlograper, is a retro review of the Nikon 50mm f1.8E which I used to take this shot . I love using this lens. Its really helping me learn to meter light on my own, not relying on the camera.


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Coffeealude – Waialua Estate Reserve via KohanaCoffee


Sometimes a coffee comes my way that makes me smile. This time it was the Waialua Estate – Select Reserve, from Kohana Coffee. It’s from the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii.   It was farmed by Derek Lanter in rich volcanic soil, and warm sub-tropical climate.   This coffee provided a bit of excitement for me.  Kohana  100% Hawaiian Prime  is one of my favorite coffees , so getting another coffee from Hawaii made me very happy. (more…)


Coffee Common’s NYC- The Espresso Class


Sunday, January 22, 2012, was the last Day of Coffee Common NYC. On that day an espresso class was held. It was early, on a cold morning and I was there (a gift from my bride). The class was well organized, with just the right amount of people. It also had different set up from the normal sessions. Breville’s new dual boiler espresso machines were setup at different stations to help everyone spread out and learn. Overall it was a great experience. (more…)

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