The #we35 Groot Accord part 2 -Seemingly Never Ending winter 

The snow ice is starting to make things a little crazy. We expected a little better weather by now , but alas the snow has remained. So February’s Groot Accord barely made it.   This is the second of a series of Groot Toy photography surveys at 35 mm between Chris Nitz and myself for the We35 research project. While we are not suffering like Boston . We do want some melting action. Winters been a rough season, and does not seem to want to end. Groot in the snow , alone seemed fitting , none of the other trees are wake yet.



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#GrootOff (aka #LootCrate + #Photogs = #PhotographyDuel )

Groot Geservo-04608-20140824


It has been insane in my part of the world. There have been lots of crazy things happening to me, some good, some not so good. This did not stop me though from challenging my new friend, photographer  and fellow loot crater , Chris Nitz to a Photography Dural. We both got Limited editions Groots in our August Heroes LootCrates . It was pretty epic. The toy from Funko was pretty cool and a challenging  subject. There were so many things to do with it. So I challenged Mr Nitz , just for fun to see what we could to with Groot. The three images here are my entry to this contest.

Be Sure to check out Cris Nitz’s Images here  His Groots are Awesome.


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