#Photowandering: Out with an imperfect lens

In a time of day that knows how to keep its secrets, I wander around taking photos to relax.


I was up early, photo wandering again. I felt a need to alter my perspective, so on this day, I decided to use my Sonar 135mm lens. It’s an old lens I got many moons ago. I don’t use it often the Sonar 135mm 2.8 is an m42 screw I adapted at first for my Nikon camera then. Sony. It was a cheap curiosity from my early days of photography.


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52:9 : Mental Health Day

gservo-0261140225It’s is still cold. I am tired of saying this. NJ seem not be breaking out of the winter. Spring seems postponed. People are getting antsy. I know I am. So , with my friend Scott Wyden, we had a mental health day. I was, if only for a moment, escaping the fringes of work hell. We took a trip to Carton Brewing for a little bit of photo work, and some good beer. Simple, good times. This is where my “One Object Challenge”  was done. A Long exposure with a Beer and a Bear. Just a little fun. (more…)

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Signs of Spring


Finally, while I keep expecting another blizzard and its still chilly , we finally have signs of spring.   So of course I wake up, put on my Nikon 50mm E , manual focusing gotta love it, and I also carried my Sonagar 135mm (more…)

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A beastly image aka the self portrait sessions


In trying to become a better portrait photographer, ive decided to abuse my self. This is actually a big deal for me. It took me day to get to this point to type this. Why, ask a psychiatris I have issues . Anyhoo I figured if I could make myself look decent , I could make others look good. I consider my self a half way decent portrait photographer, but I need to get better.  Here I failed. I was doing to experimental stuff, choosing not just to go with natural light. Experimenting and failing ,its the best way to learn. Photography is like an Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). In nearly all MMORPGs, the development of the player’s character is a primary goal.


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