Expedition Sakura 2016 Unicorn Hunting thingie

The cold had finally decided to take a break long enough to allow the cherry blossoms to appear. It was a spring day and with this warmer weather, ideas of ice coffee and hikes were on my mind. The winter, while mild, was a bit rough towards the end. In what is a tradition with me and my friends , we got out there to view and capture the sakura unicorns with our cameras.



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Out with the Nikon 55 macro again

As I have said before , I enjoy macro photography. So what this means is I have more that one lens for macro photography. The Nikkor 105 mm  was the macro lens I use when I want compression, in the image, but when I want a “normal” macro image I use the Nikon 55macro f2.8. It’s was originally introduced in 1979 and is one of those rare Nikon lenses , like the 50mm f1.2 that is still made today. People would argue that there are better macro lenses made today, but this is a tool I like to use, not just for macro.

55 macro-20160330-8997 (more…)

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Cherry Blossom Season Is Begining (just a little late)

gservo-1770140412After a long, relentless brutal winter, and a drunk early spring, the cherry blossoms are arriving. We seemed to have a small string of warming days. This has woken up the trees. A great time to take out your camera gear, wake up early and create some spring images. Cherry blossoms are something I look forward to every year. I means we made it through another winter. We can go back out in the light , with lite clothing, coffee in hand, and go on a pleasant photo walk. We can taste the early morning air without freezing body parts off.


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Sakura 2013, with my friends


It’s funny, before my photography life  Sakura, or cherry blossoms  just represented spring time to me. I never really focused on it. I just acknowledged the beginning of spring. Now It’s a big deal, something great to photograph. This recent winter beat me down. The cold lasted too long. So as it warmed up and my Friend Daryl Meek called and said lets photo walk amongst the cherry blossoms, I was ready. Scott Wyden, was dragged along, smiling with a tripod. We traveled to Newark’s Branch Brook Park and the fun began.


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