I’m looking forward to #PhotoPlus2017

For a while, I have been trying to decide on a new camera, the struggle has been real. Instead of continuing along that uneasy path, not one company has made me want to spend money yet, I’ve decided to explore some new ideas. It happens to be the perfect time for this, it is time for PhotoPlus Expo. Looks like it’s a good show lined up. It has been an interesting year in the photography world.



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Expedition PhotoPlus Expo 2016

Ever since I got into my current photography life I have done one event annually, Photo Plus Expo. It has become my way of exploring the photography gear frontier. I generally go in the hopes of testing out new gear, but over time its become an expedition. I meet up with my local photog friend as well as those I only see once a year. We share, coffee, meal, and try to go on photowalks. It’s a proper photography conference.



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