A cold ultra quick photowander

It’s was a quiet end to a brutal work week here in New Jersey. My bride thought we should do something a little different to put it behind me.  So I hopped on a train and met her at Watchung Train station in Montclair. My camera was on my wrist so I thought it was a great opportunity to do some quick photowandering in an area I don’t pass through often.


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A bit of cold weather #photowandering (#we35)

Experiment Hello and welcome. It’s was a cold cold day in my part of NJ. The area was doing its best impression of the Arctic Tundra. In what could be considered stupidity I decided to do a little photowandering. Some we35 research to pass the time (I needed to get out the house).A quick walk in the forest with just a 35mm lens in a unknown environment was ideal.Well unknown in this type of weather. I usually walk the local trails in the spring & summer,never the winter.

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#we35 Field Report : A Return to the Morning

And here it is, a day I don’t really care about. While most are celebrating their holiday I sit, relaxing, thinking about photo walking. This morning I got to take advantage of my progenies vacation and take a quick photo walk in NewYork, before work. I only had a short period of time but I took advantage of it. A warm morning for this time of year, a few days after the solstice, it was dark and rainy, perfect for photography.

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