#PhotoWandering: A Local Tourist in NYC 

No matter how much I wish I do not live in New York, I’m basically a perpetual NJ tourist. I always view New York from an outsiders perspective. It is an eternally evolving city and there is always something new to see. It is my favorite place to photowalk, people always moving, art everywhere, and coffee shops are easy to find. I can turn left or right and always find something to put in front of my lens. It’s the perfect place to wander around and get lost. This is especially true along the Hudson River. PhotoWandering NYC-20150625-1107


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#We35 #FieldReport : Spring?

It was a quiet afternoon out here exploring the fronteir in New Jersey. It was a day where it finally did not feel cold, a day different from any day in the last few months where Mother Nature seemed drunk.  It was a great moment for a bit of we35 research in the park.


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#PhotoWandering: Spending a Bit of Time with Friends

The one thing that I know in my photography life is Photo-wandering happens. I can’t help myself at times especially when I’m with photog friends in New York. Any day when I have a bit of free time and the chance to wander around with a camera is a good day. This is true even if someone decides to walk us through Times Square.After_BandH-20150316-10.jpg


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We35 Feild Report :Working on the minimalist protocol

#WE35 – WE35 is a global collaboration between research scientists around the world. To learn more about he project click here

Location Hoboken New Jersey along the Water Front.
Instruments Sony a7 with a 35mm 2.8 Fe Nitz Strap & IPhone
Findings It was a quiet morning out here Exploring The Frontier. I was in Hoboken on a photowalk. Along with a few members from the NJ photography adventure club , I walked the Hoboken River Front taking pictures of the environment as minimalist as possible. Working with nothing else but the Sony A7 and a 35 mm lens , no filters , tripods or anything else was freeing. Not once did I worry about stopping to set up a tripod to get a shot or fiddle with setting to get a specific exposure. I set the camera to f22 because it was that bright out and just enjoyed the moment.It was a cold but enjoyable time fueled by coffee.

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#we35: the local smegging snow protocol

It was a quieter morning in South Orange, my current home town. After looking at a wether report, that said snow was coming, I saw that it was already here. It was a light snow, nevertheless it was making Friday morning feel more like a Monday. It made for an interesting 35mm walk to the train station showing a little of my town in the snow.

IMG_1148.JPG (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 8-29-14 End Of The New Begining


In the spring of 2014 I had a major event in my life end.  It freed me from a huge amount of responsibilities.  Not too long after that school ended and my kids no longer had to wake up early for school. I decided this would be an excellent time to refine my street and photography. The plan was to wake up as early as possible head to NYC and put to use all I’ve learned from reading about my photography heroes Jay Maisel and Fan Ho. I ended up finding my path in street photography.  It was a great journey.


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#PhotoWandering 8-20-14 A Wednesday


I was a quite morning in the city I dreamed to live. The weather was mild for what is supposed to be the dog days of summer. It was another fantastic day for photowandering, precious even. I could not have asked for a better summer. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 8-11-14 The Quiet


I started to write this as I sat on A Train in NYC. I was venturing out farther than I ever have. Anyhooo I look back on the 11th. On this day I wanted to walk a previous route. Well I tried to. I went where my eye took me. I ended up wandering in to slight diffrent locations. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 8-7-14 no agenda


For most of my walks I have had a small agenda. I either wanted to walk a particular path or see a particular site. Today I had nothing . I woke up for the sake of waking up and being able to walk. I had some thinking to do about the future of my photography.  So that is what I did while I walked.


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