An Unexpected Quick Tour of The Paterson Museum #we35

Sometimes work can get Mundane. However If i leave my self open to new experiences, always hoping to see something new, occasionally I do. Recently on an assignment to check a space for an event, I realized I was in a cool museum. I was an unexpected surprise and became a great moment for a quick bit of we35 research. I had a smaller camera with a 35 mm lens and a lot of interesting things in front of me, how could I resist.



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Aesthetic Changes #we35

It’s been a interesting time exploring the frontier. It’s been cold and the snowy frozen winter smeg decided not to melt . But life has to kept going , no use in complaining. With the current change in career my bride thought it would be a good idea if I upgraded my ascetic a little. Less I.T. Crowd and more Dr Who in the way I dressed. With that logic I was defeated. So in the cold I treked to Isaiah Hemmingway shop and got fitted for a jacket . It was an excellent time for some we35 research.

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The Day Before the Forecasted #Snowmaggedon #We35 Field Report

Well it was the day before the Snowpocalypse of 2015 and a great day for we35 research. The north east was bracing itself for the bad weather , influx of social media photos, and bad weather puns. I was doing some work for my job which took me out for a bit of a walk. I decided to go with a simple kit. I did not carry a lot of gear either. I was out to catch snow prep but by the time I got out it was done. It did not stop me from getting some frames though. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering testing a lens for #We35

It was a wintery cold weekend in NJ, days before Christmas and the holiday lovers were at their most annoying. This year many are just trying to ignore the turmoil which is seemingly unending lately in the United States. As I write this it is also the winter solstice , the longest night of the year. I thought I would get out for a long exposure during the evening , but instead I went over my random photography of the weekend. In what turned into nice quiet evening also decided just to hang out with my progeny , drink some tea and read. As for my photography I was basically putting my new Sony 35 mm Fe through paces. Getting a feel for it. I’ll be using it heavily during my time on the We35 project. It feels nice knowing I made a decent choice with this purchase.

I started the weekend in a park, and ended in one here are some more images from my photo wanderings…. (more…)

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MaplewoodStock 2014


It was a noisy time , one town over from  where live. It was Maplestock a local weekend long concert that doubles as a community building event. You go out, eat food, listen to music and eat food with the town. Kids run around and have fun and generally all is well.
It was basically a lot of fun and I had my camera out for the sake of fun.


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Cherry Blossom Season Is Begining (just a little late)

gservo-1770140412After a long, relentless brutal winter, and a drunk early spring, the cherry blossoms are arriving. We seemed to have a small string of warming days. This has woken up the trees. A great time to take out your camera gear, wake up early and create some spring images. Cherry blossoms are something I look forward to every year. I means we made it through another winter. We can go back out in the light , with lite clothing, coffee in hand, and go on a pleasant photo walk. We can taste the early morning air without freezing body parts off.


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What’s Old Is New (or exploring) Rockefeller Look Out


It was Thanksgiving and a cold November day. My family is ultra nontraditional so we were out , eating and doing things off the beaten path. I had a thought and turned left and we ended up at The Palisades Interstate Parkway, specifically Rockefeller Lookout. (more…)

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