Having a laugh with Nikon D90 and 135mm f2d my ODK

In the earliest days of my, transient photography life, I spent months researching gear that would fit me. There were two things I dreamed of owning, A Nikon D90 and a Nikkor 135mm f2 DC.  Eventuality I purchased the D90,however, I could not justify the 135mm at the time. Years passed, I moved on from the D90 to the D700 and then to the D750 and my photography life grew enough for me to eventually but the 135mm. One day, while setting up gear for some camera work, I happened to pull out the D90, which I keep for sentimental reasons. I realized I never used it with the 135mm lens. It was time to change that,  so one day I woke up and decided to go out and have a laugh with my Original Dream Kit (ODK).



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Having a laugh with Nikon D90 and 135mm f2d my ODK
South Orange/Maplewood

Smegheads trying to eat your soul? Keep Calm Go For A Photowalk

Out for a walk

Life has gotten crazy lately. My photography has suffered a little. Ive been doing more for others, than myself. My creativity has been zapped. I look back at my old images, when I get a chance to breath. They remind me the best thing to do is to keep calm, make some time, and go for a photowalk. (more…)

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Freezing #Nemo: off to work

Works that way
Works that way

The morning of a what was to be a snowpocalypse. I recently wrote a new piece on snow photography and I could not resist taking my camera out today. I am starting to realize that shooting in snow takes a completely different ascetic sense . For me, I start seeing the world in contrast. Not in black in white though. I see the world as whats covered in snow and whats not.


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Coffeealude: Coppo White Coffee

I am running low on coffee. After I burned some coffee beans in another experiment, I figured Id keep the mad scientist vibe going and try something new…. to me. On a trip to an Asian market, in my area, to get some matcha,  I ran across some white coffee packs. It’s instant coffee from Malaysia .Its basically instant coffee, non dairy creamer with cane sugar.


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Out for a quick, cold,morning walk.

Before photography I used to detest cold mornings. Now, I sort of like them . There are few people out, its quiet and you get interesting photos without people getting in the way . I usually don’t spend hours doing it, I just spend enough time to create some images, and stretch my legs.


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Creation & Destruction

Ive been breaking things while trying to build them up. The biggest thing is how I have been thinking about my photography. Thanks to some friends and ThePhoblographer ideas keep coming in as well as opportunities. I have never took an ordinary approach to my photography , but one thing I have never done is talk to people about what my ideas.


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A slow morning back on the #NJTransit rails

NJ Transit started running trains on the Morris and Essex line again. I did not have to take the bus this morning, which was nice.  I did have to wait a while though. Things are still slow going, as the recovery continues. I work for NJ Transit, however I am just ‘the help’. I keep keep the computers running. This weather has caused more stress on the company as they also  cut some  benefits from the non union employees, decimating morale.


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Tough Commute to NYC

It dawned on my this morning, looking at the crazy amount of people on the train platform, I am cut off from New York for a while. Anyhoo A request was made of me,  by my company . I’m still volunteering my photos  “We need pics of the Crowds and lines in Newark Penn Station.”  I was running late for work so I was not aware of the madness. I am still in a black and white mood so I processed my favorite images this way.


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