An unseasonable fog


In weirdly warm day after days of extreme cold weather and some recent lite snow, we had FOG. It was thick and killed the view, or did it. It was a great time for photography. Jut not for me. I was in a mental fog. It was early, I had no coffee and just could not get it together. (more…)

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Bit of a rainy walk home

I knew it would be raining, on my walk home. So i put down my review unit and pulled out my D700 with my Nikon 50 mm 1.8D  and Vivatar 2x Macro focusing teleconverter for a chance at some macro. I got it. I was wet and all. Nothing like having a weather sealed camera.
the drops  by gevon  servo  (gservo) on
the drops (more…)

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