#PhotoWandering: That Weird Feeling 

It was a fall day in New York City. I had, sudden, free time and decided to go for a quick photowander. As I was walking, a “I have a bad feeling about this” vibe rushed over me. The city was weird. People seemed mad at each other,well more than usual. The police were on edge as they were blocking off 5th Ave , and I did not feel like taking photos. A crowd was coming, protesting current events. I made my way out of the city and into a movie theater. (Doctor Strange was good).



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Photo Plus Expo 2015 Was A Blur

Photo plus expo 2015 has come and gone….

It’s a time that always wreaks havoc on my gear lust. Around every corner is something I want, or want to lust after. Ladies, gentlemen and approximate life form thingies it was a short but fun time for yours truly. I wish I had more than two days this year, but time limits made it interesting. I have gone through most of my notes, contacted people, now I reflect.


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I’m done with my summer #PhotoWandering Again

It’s been an interesting summer, I hope I was not too annoying.


I look back on it with a bit of fondness. Overall the weather was beautiful, most days were clear with good temps with little rain. It could have been worse. I got to photo walk a lot, alone, and share my images. I wandered around, mostly in New York, taking photos because I could and I wanted coffee. I pointed my lens at whatever caught my eye while walking, not really caring if people liked my images or not. What I do is not street photography or any other formal type of photography, it’s just photo-wandering. Nothing more nothing less. I am an introverted every day, photographer.  (more…)

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#Photowandering In Pursuit of Magic and Coffee

It’s morning again.

Coffee is badly needed.

Have camera will walk.


It’s all started with a coffee run. The kids were out of school, not having to wake up early, and the wife did not have to get up either. I was still on an early bird schedule and in need of caffeine so I decided to take the long way to work and get coffee. Nothing compares with the fluidity of a long coffee seeking photo walk. The space between home and that first cup can be amazing. I remember finding myself standing in front of a river and in the distance a ferry was going by. The sun had just come up over he skyscrapers, the light was glorious. The scene was quiet, very few people around, blue sky and me. I never let this feeling go. Leaping forward, into time, to today, I look for moments like this, it’s a bit of magic I  pursue as time allows.  There is always something to see no matter where I go.


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#PhotoWandering: On a Smegging hot day thingie

I was standing in the city, it was the morning, and it was uncomfortable. It was the type of day I should of stayed in a air-conditioned environment reading comic books.  The first in a string of extremely hot days, the humidity was harsh, thick, and sat on my lungs. I was not the only one who felt this way. The effects of the weather could be seen on peoples faces as I wandered through the city. You could almost smell the pollution on the slight breeze. It was one of those weeks where my photo wandering time was limited. I, again, made due with the time I had though.

Photowandering NYC-20150723-1888


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#Photowadering: Working with the only free time I had

It was a quiet morning in my part of the world. It was the one day I could photo-walk for the week and I took full advantage of it.

Photowandering NYC-20150716-0549

It was one of those days where the weather was ideal and all I could do was enjoy it. It was quiet very quiet.  I remember thinking to myself “I wish I didn’t have to travel so far to get to mornings like this. New York was in one of those pleasant moods. People were just flowing into their routines as the gentle breeze washed over them. Those sleeping rough were comfortable on their benches while those more well off jogged by. It was a comfortable & relaxing walk. I had no idea the morning would be so nice. (more…)

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