#Photowandering 2016 Begins

“This old world can be cold and ugly” but it does not always have to be …


Here we are again, another summer of #photowandering, well I am trying anyway. A few years ago I started this as a way to give myself a mental break, while the kids were out of school, grab my camera and share the wonders I see in New York. It is an ever changing city and always offers something new. At first, I had a hard time committing to this years summer joy. Self-doubt and others stupidity have wreaked havoc on my personal schedule, however, things have eased up enough for me to start getting out regularly.


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I’m done with my summer #PhotoWandering Again

It’s been an interesting summer, I hope I was not too annoying.


I look back on it with a bit of fondness. Overall the weather was beautiful, most days were clear with good temps with little rain. It could have been worse. I got to photo walk a lot, alone, and share my images. I wandered around, mostly in New York, taking photos because I could and I wanted coffee. I pointed my lens at whatever caught my eye while walking, not really caring if people liked my images or not. What I do is not street photography or any other formal type of photography, it’s just photo-wandering. Nothing more nothing less. I am an introverted every day, photographer.  (more…)

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It took me a year to get to these New Jersey Festival of Ballooning images…

The 2015 New Jersey Festival of Ballooning has come and gone. It was a beautiful day in my home state. It was just the right temperature on that early morning.They always seem to pick a good day.  All my friends got up with their gear while I , for reason , had to watch their social media feeds  and be green with envy. This actually caused me to look for my pics from 2014 and then  I realized, I never processed them.



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Ludicrously PhotoWandering Before CoffeeCon 15

Last week we had a snow fall on top of the previous snows we had. It was then followed by smegging cold air, making March feel like January. Winter was supposed to be over however it did not want to let go, just yet. So on a cold morning, like the smeghead I am I found myself photo wandering on the way, the long way, to CoffeeCon NYC. What the smeg was I thinking.



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Up early with no #Coffee (gasp)

Woke up this morning and the sky was sort of grey. Just about the break of day. I had nothing to do and did not want to hug the pillow. As usual I was out again with my camera using a fisheye lens,this time, in the forest. Yes….yes it was early so my house was still sleep. I needed coffee I wanted a little exercise in the slightly warmer weather that had greeted me . I ran out of coffee (gasp) so I just went for a walk. Just then I thought I lost my mind but it was just the sun peaking through the trees.

IMG_0195.JPG (more…)

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