#Photowandering #withJamesMaher

The summer has ended. I sit here looking at the last bit of photo wandering for the season. This was a group walk with friends and fellow photogs. I was invited by my good friend and Everyday Photographer Scott Wyden  to take part in an NYC Photo Day with James Maher and his guest Darlene Hilderandt.  We could not ask for a better day. The sun hung brightly in the sky without melting us. New York had a slight pleasant breeze. We could not ask for a better day.

Gservo-20160830-7245 (more…)

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#Photowandering 2016 Begins

“This old world can be cold and ugly” but it does not always have to be …


Here we are again, another summer of #photowandering, well I am trying anyway. A few years ago I started this as a way to give myself a mental break, while the kids were out of school, grab my camera and share the wonders I see in New York. It is an ever changing city and always offers something new. At first, I had a hard time committing to this years summer joy. Self-doubt and others stupidity have wreaked havoc on my personal schedule, however, things have eased up enough for me to start getting out regularly.


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An Old Used and Abused Nikkor 50mm 1.4 ais

50mm 1dot4 AIS-20160529-5706

If you have followed my photography life, at all, you will know I use a lot of legacy lenses. I appreciate the classics. I, pretty much, thought I had all the lenses I wanted, I have not been looking for any more gear. One day, while rummaging through my predecessors, at work, equipment I found one more lens, I did not think was in his kit, a Nikkor 50 mm 1.4 ais. Already the proud owner of a Nikkor 50mm 1.2 , f2, 1.8d, and 1.8e I thought this was an excellent addition to my 50 mm collection. As I always do, I eagerly took this lens out to get to know it.


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