#PhotoWandering: …at the end of June

“Time is endlessly flowing onwards” The environment that surrounds me has been keeping me unexpectedly busy. It has been getting in the way of my summer photo wandering more than I thought it would. I did manage to get out once, at the end of June. The temperature was just right, New York was quiet, basically hungover.

Photowandering-20190628-03946 (more…)

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#WeeklyGrindThingie: I made it through that madness

Again, it was not a quiet week, exploring the frontier around New Jersey.


It was still the beginning of summer, and the weather was beautiful. The morning was cool enough to go on a few walks, and the day’s temperatures were not oppressive. There was not a lot of rain as I moved through the state to complete a few tasks and get some camera work done.


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#WeeklyGrindThingie: Had a few moments

It was a hectic week exploring the frontier, out here in New Jersey.


It was early summer, and the weather was likable. There was tons of local traveling ahead of me. There was also a lot of camera work to do as well. (more…)

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