#Photowandering: …breaks are needed at times

Waves of starshine particles fell from the azure blue sky as the breeze sauntered by. It was early in the morning, and instead of my usual photo wandering, I found myself on the Jersey Shore. With my family in tow, I was actually taking the rare break from work, walking in the early morning.   If one wants to survive breaks are needed at times.



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Mental Health Day At Duke Farms: The Weeping Angels

It’s been an interesting spring ,out here, exploring the frontier. The temperatures have been up and down and the sunlight steady at times . During one of the nice days, which turned out to be an unexpected day off,one of my best friends agreed to share a mental health day with me. Our wives freed us and we decided to do a photo walk at duke farms in Hillsborough New Jersey. I was nursing a messed up knee ,so this was the perfect place to hobble around so that it did not get too stiff. On the beginning of our walk, we ran across the statues Daryl and I had to try and get some new images with them.

Weeping Angels-20160418-5340

“Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink. Good Luck.”


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Mental Health Day At Duke Farms: The Weeping Angels
Still Life

Expedition Sakura 2016 Unicorn Hunting thingie

The cold had finally decided to take a break long enough to allow the cherry blossoms to appear. It was a spring day and with this warmer weather, ideas of ice coffee and hikes were on my mind. The winter, while mild, was a bit rough towards the end. In what is a tradition with me and my friends , we got out there to view and capture the sakura unicorns with our cameras.



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#We35 #FieldReport The Photo-Wandering Was not Televised

The ground beneath my feet camera in my hand , alone In my world. This is basically my natural state out side of being a domesticated geek (husband and a father type thingie). Over the course of a few days I found myself with moments where I could just pull out my camera and take a mental health break. I was either a long way from home, in a forest in the morning, performing a mission of mercy, or taking a moment commuting between task. Sometimes these are my only moments for photography.

Drifting Along-20150606-9268


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