Lens Goals for My Sony Switch

In forging a photo, it’s important to have a functional tool that allows me to follow my vision. I don’t need the most expensive tool, I need the right one. This is something I’ve learned over the year’s and what I’ve kept in mind as I decided on what lenses to buy for my Sony cameras. It’s easy to go overboard and I gave myself goals based on the camera work I actually needed to do.


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#We35shenanigans week 45

It was a fascinating week, exploring the frontier, here in The New York metropolitan area. We were experience peak autumn. The air finally chilled down to the point where we needed jackets every day. It was a good time to capture frames and explore this month’s We35 Project. The challenge was to break away from your comfort zone and work with a lens you don’t normally work with.

we35shenanigans -20171105-02628

I chose to get weird and Frankenstein my Sony A7 with 2 adapters and a Zenza Bronica 80mm f2.8.


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Checking Out the @GnarBox at #PhotoPlusExpo2017

Sometimes, when I’m the field I have downtime. It could be a train ride back or having to wait for my next task. During these times I want to edit my video work. I want to get it done, in the most efficient way possible. The issue is I can not always carry my laptop. At PhotoPlus Expo 2017 I think I may have found a solution to this issue, the Gnarbox.



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Yes, Yes I did Back the YASHICA Kickstarter

For some time now, I have been contemplating a new camera. For the most part, I settled on eventually getting updates of cameras I already have. Something I have always wanted, though, is a camera that works like an old film camera, but with a digital sensor. While I like film photography, I have dad luck with the actual film. Enter digiFilm™ Camera by YASHICA, a Kickstarter campaign.


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I’m looking forward to #PhotoPlus2017

For a while, I have been trying to decide on a new camera, the struggle has been real. Instead of continuing along that uneasy path, not one company has made me want to spend money yet, I’ve decided to explore some new ideas. It happens to be the perfect time for this, it is time for PhotoPlus Expo. Looks like it’s a good show lined up. It has been an interesting year in the photography world.



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Expedition PhotoPlus Expo 2016

Ever since I got into my current photography life I have done one event annually, Photo Plus Expo. It has become my way of exploring the photography gear frontier. I generally go in the hopes of testing out new gear, but over time its become an expedition. I meet up with my local photog friend as well as those I only see once a year. We share, coffee, meal, and try to go on photowalks. It’s a proper photography conference.



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Yes, Yes I am looking forward to Photo Plus Expo 2016

ppe-2016-thumb-registration-is-openIts that time of the year again. Photo Plus Expo, the largest photography and imaging conference in the region, is upon us. I have attended the conference, at the Javits Convention Center, in New York, for many years now. The conference has been my best tool in making my  purchasing decisions. If I need and want new equipment, there is a great chance I will be able to test it there. I also get to enjoy the company of good people and  geek out on photography.

Here is what I am looking forward this year when I attend the Photo Plus Expo. (more…)

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