#We35Expedition 2 Contact Sheet

After listening to February’s  podcast I started pondering how to make this interesting. As a “nod to the foundation of our art”, the #We35 expedition is ‘The Contact Sheet’. I wanted maybe go photo wandering or show a day in my camera work life. As I was thinking though, I was making coffee and as I do, taking photos of my Sunday cup.

We35Expedition Contact Sheet


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Coffee & Bourbon soon to be in action

Because I always want to try something new and I am  interested in the unknown, I decided to do an experiment. One day while, on the web I ran into an interesting topic, coffee whiskey. I thought why not have a laugh and try it. My bride thought I was insane so I knew it was a good idea. So I bought some meh whiskey and some good coffee and decided to give it a go.

Jonas Snowmegeddon-20160123-5038


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#we35 : Nikkor 35mm f2d & Nom Nom Nom

Choosing the correct tool for a job or project is important. For the we35 research project I have chosen the Nikon 35mm f2d. Cheaply bought on eBay , a small size and easy to keep with me at all time this lens was just right. While not considered the best 35mm by many , with newer versions available by Nikon and Sigma , it is the best for me. To give it a thorough first test I took it out to lunch , a nice controlled environment and I was hungry.

IMG_0426.JPG (more…)

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The Weekly Coffeealude 12: @KohanaCoffee Cold Brew with the #NJPC


This week I had a Meetup with New Jersey Photography Community at the Dynalite studio. The goal was to learn about lighting equipment , teach and learn some more. The group provided food and of course I had to bring coffee. Because I did not know the layout of the studio, I went with my favorite, most convenient, cold brew coffee from Kohana Coffee.  It hit the spot with the group , people were satisfied and we had a lot of fun.


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Foodalude: Blue Grits (thanks @ForagersNYC)


Sooooooooooooooo I like grits. I really like grits. Blue Grits, until recently, was something I have never had. I have eaten many things made from blue corn . Blue grits have always been a challenge to find, or way to expensive to get for various locations reasons. Enter Foragers city Grocery.    In my search I found a company who made blue cor grits but were rather expensive to ship. They did have Forgers City Grocery as one of their customers. So I paid forgers a visit. When I got there, they did not have it.They did not know they were this companies customer. I was so disappointed. About a week later they contacted me , to tell me they had ordered it.  I traveled to Dumbo to pick it up, I is good.


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The weekly Coffealude 2: @Tonx #coffee


This week I got to test a selection of Tonx coffee from the Sidama region of Ethiopia, Wottuna Boltuma. Tonx sent me a sample from their subscription service. I saw this as a great addition to this series of post I am doing.  Instead of just one  coffee image every week, I have decided to make it a weekly coffee post. I am going to continue with the idea of making original coffee images.  I just cant stop at one image every week.


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