Saturday Morning geeking & espresso

Saturday Morning geeking & espresso  by gevon  servo  (gservo) on
Saturday Morning geeking & espresso by gevon servo

I am doing some writing, drinking some (roasted by my own hand) Indian Mysore espresso. I had to take a picture of the moment. One of the things am writing, for The PhoBlograper, is a retro review of the Nikon 50mm f1.8E which I used to take this shot . I love using this lens. Its really helping me learn to meter light on my own, not relying on the camera.


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Coffeealude – Waialua Estate Reserve via KohanaCoffee


Sometimes a coffee comes my way that makes me smile. This time it was the Waialua Estate – Select Reserve, from Kohana Coffee. It’s from the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii.   It was farmed by Derek Lanter in rich volcanic soil, and warm sub-tropical climate.   This coffee provided a bit of excitement for me.  Kohana  100% Hawaiian Prime  is one of my favorite coffees , so getting another coffee from Hawaii made me very happy. (more…)

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